The Leicestershire Down’s Syndrome Group was established in 1981 and is associated to the Down’s Syndrome Association, a national charity with its Headquarters in London. The Leicester group is run by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers, mostly parents, but all who have a person with Down's Syndrome as a member of their family. The Leicester Group was founded by a small group of mothers who met during the early days of their children's lives, to give each other the support, that was unavailable elsewhere. From there the group has grown to provide a large support and advice network to many families right across Leicestershire. Work is ongoing, as our volunteers strive to carry on providing the current services in place and aim to expand into the future with new projects.
Leicestershire Down’s Syndrome Group
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Down’s Syndrome is caused by the addition of an extra chromosome in our bodies. It happens completely by chance at conception. Approximately 1 in 1000 babies are born with Down’s Syndrome and there are roughly 60,000 people with Down’s Syndrome living in the UK.
Leicestershire Down’s Group is a registered charity No 1098024